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WARNING: Please read these terms and conditions of use before using this site. By using this site you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from accessing or using this site. is owned by DSS Consulting Ltd. All the content, materials published, videos, pictures, source code, graphical layout and structure of this site are the ideas of DSS Consulting Ltd., and thus they represent its property. Using any of these materials, if you print off, copy or download any part of the site, you need the written permission of DSS Consulting Ltd.

DSS CONSULTING LTD. is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequent damages that may occur from using this website or may arise related to the information placed here.

How to use this website

You are not allowed to modify, reproduce, publicly share, present, distribute, sell or use the content of this site in any way. Using these services on other sites or computer network systems in any way is prohibited. The services on this website are protected by copyright and ownership rights and using these without the owner’s consent means the violation of ownership, of patent (brand protection) and other laws. The breach of the present terms and conditions leads to automatically losing any right to access this website.

Legal Declaration

The materials and services displayed on this website are provided without any guarantees including here guarantees for sales purposes or meeting certain other goals or guarantees for intellectual properties. All the responsibilities related to DSS’ products and services are outlined in written contracts and these contracts are not influenced by any materials or services displayed on this website. Furthermore, DSS does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the services displayed on this website, and has the right to modify them without further notice. Any of the materials and services displayed on this site can be out of date and DSS is under no obligation to update these.

Liability restrictions

Through this website DSS does not wish to obtain secret data or intellectual property protected by copyright law. The materials uploaded, sent or published by You under the “Announcements” section should not fall into the category protected by copyright law. DSS does not assume any responsibilities related to these Announcements. All these Announcements, including data, text and images related to them, are treated by DSS and its legal representatives in accordance with the current data processing regulations. Data is stored in DSS’ mailing system (Microsoft Office365), or in the mailchimp service. Collected contacts are stored only for the purpose of sending newsletters maximum once a week, or sending the requested documents.

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Data retention period: maximum 10 yrs.

Site web analytics

For the statistics related to visitors count, to identify common behaviour and to enhance advertising we use Google Analytics, AdWords conversion tracking and HotJar.

The website uses cookies to personalize content and ads, to collect and analyse information on how the visitors navigate the website. Visitors agree to their behaviour being monitored, tracked and the use of services offered by these programs. However, visitors have the opportunity to disable cookies as it is desribed further. We inform you that the configuration and use of Google Analytics, AdWords conversion tracking and HotJar fully comply with the requirements of the Supervisory Authority.

According to Google, interactions with visitors are reported by Google Analytics with the help of cookies coming from the first parties. These cookies store only information that is not suitable for personal identification. Browsers do not share their own cookies within the domains. More information about cookies can be found in Google ads and in the frequently asked questions about data protection.

Google AdWords conversion tracking

The purpose of Google AdWords conversion tracking is to help DSS in evaluating the effectiveness of its campaigns. This is done by placing cookies on the visitor’s computer. These cookies are stored for 30 days and do not collect personal data.

HotJar information collection

In order to improve the user experience we use HotJar ( The collection and storage of data is done for marketing and optimization purposes. Data are used to create pseudonymized profiles. Without the consent of the person in question the collected data cannot identify the website’s visitor, neither are they linked to the presonal data of the pseudonymized person. What is being stored and processed here are the data belonging to your device used for browsing and your browser information (country, IP address in an anonymized form, type of browser, type of the operating system, pages visited, time spent there). If you wish, you can stop the collection and storage of these data in your browser. For more information go to:

Disabling cookies

If you wish to manage your cookies or disable them, you can do this on your computer from your browser. You can manage your cookies in your browser if you go to Settings > Internet options > Privacy.

Those users who do not wish to allow Google Analytics to record their visit can install the “disable Google Analytics addon”. This add-on instructs the JavaScripts in Google Analytics (ga.js, analytics.js, and dc.js) to prevent sending visitor information to Google. Visitors who download this addon do not participate in content experiments.

If you wish to disable Google Analytics, please go to Google Analytics disable page and install the addon to your browser. To install or remove the addon please see the Help on this page.

References to other websites

You can link from this site to other sites in a very comfortable way. If you wish to use this opportunity you will leave this page. DSS is not responsible for other linked websites or their content. As a consequence, DSS did not check or agree on the content, softwares or any other products contained on these websites so does not assume the consequences that might result from their use. Visiting any other websites that are linked to this site is solely Your responsibility.

References to this website

You may link this webpage to be accessible from other sites. In this case, you must follow the instructions and regulations provided by the law.

General information

DSS may revise the terms and conditions at any time by amending this content. Please check this page from time to time to notice the changes in the conditions that are legally binding.

Updated: 11. Sept. 2018

Guidelines for referencing DSS websites

All the websites referring to DSS’ website must respect the following guidelines:

  • Can use a link referring to DSS’ website but it cannot copy the content of DSS’ website.
  • It cannot create a browser or framework for the content of DSS’ website
  • It can’t suggest that DSS agrees with the website or the product presented there.
  • Its connection to DSS cannot be presented in an untrue way.
  • It can’t share untrue information about DSS or its products and services.
  • It can’t use DSS logo without the permission of DSS.
  • It can’t have improper, offensive or disputed content. The content must be adequate for all groups of ages.
  • By using the site you accept the terms and conditions presented here.