Detailed advantages of data cleansing

We collected some more reasons for why you should also start data cleansing with our solution: Our solution can be easily fitted to front-end web interfaces and has other suitable interfaces with applications so it can be introduced in a short time and operated efficiently It can be implemented in essentially any type of business […]

International outlook

Total Information Quality Management (TIQM) TIQM (previously TQdM – Total Quality data Management) the information quality assurance methodology for data quality issues elaborated by the internationally acknowledged Larry P. English. The task of information quality assurance According to Larry P. English the responsibility of information quality assurance is: Meeting consistently the requirements of people working […]


One of the most important goals of data cleaning is to detect and process duplicates. When we talk about duplication it does not only mean that two records are identical but it also means that the same record can appear several times in the database. Thus the correct naming would be multiplication however, due to […]

Data cleaning in practice

Name cleaning The purpose of the name cleaning is to detect and correct or remove the incorrect names from a list. The whole names are broken into parts, components (prefix, family name, first name) and each component is corrected. Binding the corrected components we get the whole name, but the corrected components can be used […]

Data cleaning in general

Data collection and storage is a task for every company. The type of data that need to be collected depends on the company’s field of activity and profile, but some kind of data collection is part of every company’s operation. Any company works with its customers’ personal or company data, their contact information, data referring […]

The importance of data quality in the world of business

The key factor of a successful business is the data asset of the company and the quality of information that is based on it. Information related to business processes, customers and products is valuable only if it is accurate and reliable, which means that information quality meets the requirements of business analysts and sales managers. […]